RTS intercom systems



Releasedate: July, 27th 2018


  • Recursive Release now available in workflow --> Start a workflow and before you click on Request or Direct Release open the FORM tab and select "Release recursively including child elements"
    ATTENTION: The release process may run a few moments, it depends on the amount of Pages are involved in the release.
  • OverviewPage without stage: It is now possible to use the page without stage.

  • New Templates:


  • Youtube is now included as cookie free version using this url: youtube-nocookie.com instead of youtube.com
  • Aligning with Clickdummy v3.2.2
  • Story Teaser now can display a clock icon
  • Few bug fixes (Markup, CSS and JS)


Releasedate: May, 3rd 2018

Templates are updated to the latest RB-Clickdummy version 3.2.1 this includes some bugfixes

New Features

  • M-Map now has an optional caption below the video


New Features

  • CAAS/Elastic Search: It is now possible to configure an additional Q deployment for all dynamic content like story, event and news pages. To do it, follow these steps:
    • Activate Q settings: Project settings --> Dynamic --> Additional settings for Q elastic deloyment --> Show
    • (Change URL if not using default)
    • Enter Q Index Document-Type. In most cases it is the same as for P. If they are the same you are ready, no next step! Just execute the Q Deployment that contains the start of the UXB deployment!
    • Alter Settings for Index and Prefix inside the "ElasticSearch: Q Settings like index, prefix, ...". In most cases you need to add a _qa to the Index (e.g. in case of the shared index use: bosch-caas-shared-qa-...) and if you did not change the Indes document-type you can leave the Prefix as it is.
    • (Duplicate UXB deployment and alter document-type ONLY if P and Q Index document-type differ, if they do not differ, you do not have to change anything at the UXB deployment!)

  • HREFLANG links on page level: It is now possible to add hreflang links to make it possible to tell search engines that this page exists in another language. More Information about the possibilities you can find here: Google Webmasters: HREFLANG
    The Links must be added to one textblock. Each row generates a HREFLANG link. This link must be followed by a TABULATOR (TAB on the keyboard) and then finished with the language.
    E.g. https://www.bosch.com&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;en-US --> this generates this link: <link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-US" href="https://www.bosch.com">


  • M_AggregationExpandable: The fixed bug from the last release was not fully fixed. Not it is! See here.
  • Formattemplate for Text: P and UL/OL has been changed to be W3C conform in any possible variation of text.



  • Introduced new versioning depth 3.1.2.x to make changes visible that only occur in FirstSpirit or do not rely directly on a Clickdummy version.
    • The Version 3.1.2 corresponds to the Clickdummy version.
    • The .x displays changes in FirstSpirit Templates

New Features

  • T_RssFeeds: It is now possible to create a RSS feed for news and events. In the RSS Template you can choose which Feed should be generated

  • Content Creator: It is now possible to execute a deployment using the ContentCreator. The Script can be accessed in the CC menu: actions --> Execute deployment. To configure the deployment the ID of the schedule entry must be added in the project settings --> Technic --> "Content Creator Settings" --> "Deployment ID for Content Creator Action Script"


  • M_AggregationExpandable: A bug that occurs when two M_AggregationExpandable Instances are on the same page has been fixed. It is now possible to have more than one on a page. Example: Mulitiple M_AggregationExpandable Instances.
  • O_CarouselJumbotron: <li> - Elements in Text are no longer broken and look normal! Example: Fixed List Elements on O_CarouselJumbotron
  • Language Selector: Uses no the abbreviation instead on the language to generate the Link. Therefore links with the pseudo language: PT_BR, ES_LAM, ZH_TW link now correct to the corresponding page.


  • M_Teasers_StoryTeaser: If created more than 10 manual/half-dynamic story teasers, they appear now correct. Click on "load more" loads all story teasers that are available. This will be changed in future versions to load only 5 more after click on "load more" (see here).
  • M_EmbeddedPost: reworked Embedded Post Section (see here) (including new project settings: Project settings --> Social Media--> Embedded post).
  • M_CarouselSimple: Minor changes/bugfixes.
  • M_Table: Updated settings according to Clickdummy. Flexible width now available for all variants.
  • Breadcrumb: increased nesting depth, showing more than 2 sub folders


Minor Bugfixes


Major changes

Navigation Flyout (hover over navigation entry e.g. Pages, both options are active)

  • Flyout option 1: Show images on second level
  • Flyout option 2: Show thrid level navigation

New Table Template

New responsive table template with 4 different options to show on mobile -> get the best view for your specific content including images -->Table Overview Page

Caas - Content As A Service:

more Information klick here

All Teasers are now manually editable

Most of the teasers were available as half-dynamic or dynamic versions. See here.

Minor changes

Zero error generation!

Zero error generation possible!! - Tempates are forced to be zero generation error ready! This means that every error refers to something that is missing, wrong linked or any other content related error that can be solved by editors!

Global data:

  • ps_overview: used in mobile version of the flyout to access the 1st nav area
  • ps_scrollup_label: text for scrollup button
  • ps_directions_label: Label for directions used o LocationDetailPages
  • ps_news_error: News error
  • ps_no_result_news: No result on news request
  • ps_salutation: Used o natural language form
  • ps_general_topic

Here you can download a feature zip that contains the labels mentioned above. Language in the ZIP is only EN:
Feature ZIP global_data_labels

New Project settings

  • Header/Navigation --> Header --> Use sitcky header - stick the navigation to the top when scrolling down
  • Header/Navigation --> Header --> Link - next to language selector (at least the text of the link needs to be set, link internal/external is optional)
  • Header/Navigation --> Header --> Store locator - link to a page (optional)
  • Header/Navigation --> Header --> Shopping cart link (optional)
  • Header/Navigation --> Header --> Navigation --> Options for Flyout
    • Show 3rd Level Navi
    • Show images on second level (if true the fallback image will be shown here that is edited on the linked page) - only available if option "show third level navi" is set true

  • Technic --> Keys --> Google Maps --> REWORKED, now available: None, self ordered and myIT service ordered
  • Technic --> Keys --> Google Captcha --> REWORKED: now it is possible to deactivate Google Captcha in forms, this is necessary if using forms in china.


Now only the copyright is mandatory, all other fields are optional


A new field has beed added: Anchor ID. This is the ID that is added to the URL using # e.g. bosch.com/history/#year1900. The anchor id should only contain "lowercase letters, numbers, _ and -".

Major Bugsfixes

  • Flyout is now ready for rollout, no new known bugs.
  • Links centered: Some links that were centered before are now centered again. E.g. M-Teasers-DescisionTeaser.
  • O_Hotspotjumbotron: No double bullet points in lists.
  • M_Teasers_DownloadTeaser: Teaser were arranged the wrong way. Now it is correct. 2 teasers are displayed at page load. All the others will appear after click on "load more". See here: Example page.
  • and many more smaller Bugfixes!