RTS intercom systems

VLINK on Smartphones

Figure 1. Matrix access on your smartphone
Figure 1. Matrix access on your smartphone

VLINK is the name of a product from RTS that provides matrix access from smartphones or connected laptops. With the VLINK app installed on a smartphone, it is possible to communicate with other users on the matrix system. The smartphone behaves like a portable keypanel. This is illustrated in Figure 1.


A basic VLINK system is shown in Figure 2.

The VLINK matrix software runs on a stand-alone computer. OMNEO is used to transmit audio between the matrix (an ADAM or ADAM-M) and the VLINK system. An OMNEO Matrix Interface (OMI) card gives ADAM-M the ability to use OMNEO. In the example, VLINK is also being used on a laptop. The computer running VLINK has Dante Virtual Soundcard installed, which is what allows the hardware to receive audio from any Dantecompatible device, in this case the OMI-card. Each connected device (two smartphones and a laptop, in this example) requires a valid license on the computer. The computer with the VLINK software behaves as a matrix, which is why the Trunkmaster TM-10k is required.

VLINK System Administration

VLINK is dynamically configurable from any workstation on the network using the intuitive web based VLINK System Administration application.

Administrators can:

  • View system runtime, number of clients connected, active audio inputs and outputs, and audio statistics from all clients, and system-activity log
  • View and change network settings, system sampling rate, and selector color schemes that indicate audio
  • View, add, edit, and delete configured users and devices and log in names, passwords, selector labels and client type.
  • Set system audio parameters and enable automatic gain control and echo cancellation per user or globally.

SIP Integration

VLINK also enables integration with SIP-based telephone systems. You can read more about that in the Application Note titled “SIP Server”. Integration with SIP-based telephone systems does not require a TrunkMaster TM-10k.