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Intercom Headsets

MH Headset

Lightweight Headsets

The RTS lightweight headsets provide users with an ideal combination of functionality and comfort. The PH-44 and PH-88 models offer users an efficient and durable standard headset while the MH models accommodate the needs of those who are looking for the added features of a premium headset.

HR2 Headset

Full-Cushion Headsets

The PH Series of full-cushion intercom headsets is considered the industry standard by many users in all diff erent applications. The PH Series features both durability and functionality. With weights between 11–13 oz, these headsets offers the ultimate in daylong comfort.


Monitor Headphones

The HR-1L & HR-2L are medium-weight, noise reduction headphones with a noise reduction rating of 21 dB. The HR-1L is a single-sided headset while the HR-2L is a dual-sided headset. The headsets effectively reduce noise and are suit able for use in moderately noisy environments. All models feature a unique, soft padded headband design that distributes ear cushion pressure evenly over the entire ear with no pressure points, unlike conventional designs which apply more pressure on the bottom of the ear than the top. An added advantage of this design is that the headset folds into an extremely compact shape.

EMV2 Earset

Announcer Earsets

The popular RTS earsets are precisely designed for inconspicuous listening while on camera. Used by nearly all major television networks and stations, we have surpassed industry standards. The extremely efficient miniature driver element requires only nominal operating power and enables the announcer to hear program cues while working with a live microphone.The units are also suitable for many other applications such as live theater script prompting.

HS-6A PTT Handset

HS-6A PTT Handset

The HS-6A is a telephone-style handset that offers a push-to-talk switch, dynamic earphone and dynamic microphone. It is supplied with a metal hanger bracket for vertical storage and is compatible with most user stations. The HS-6A is terminated with an A4F plug. Available in white or black.