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OB trucks

OB trucks

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ODIN is perfect for this application because it takes so little space and runs cool with full redundancy.

Jim Barton, M.E. Pro Video

Space and weight limitations mean that every piece of equipment needs to earn its place onboard an outside broadcast vehicle. ADAM and ADAM-M matrix systems are trusted by broadcasters around the world for their superior reliability and seamless scalability (via technologies such as RTS Trunking and OMNEO), providing a robust mobile hub for comms between multiple locations.

RTS ODIN selected as preferred IP intercom system for M.E Pro

RTS solutions combine efficiency with uncompromising performance, condensing sophisticated technology into compact and lightweight form factors such as the 1RU ODIN digital matrix, ROAMEO digital beltpacks and our range of IP-ready KP series keypanels. Smaller SNGs, such as a single-person crew in a small van, can coordinate all communications with a single ODIN, a ROAMEO beltpack and a master station.

Lower power consumption and reduced cooling costs reduce your operational overheads so you can convert the savings into investments in technology. For example, cut down on expensive and heavy copper cabling with OMNEO IP technology via Ethernet. Built upon multiple technologies, including IP and open public standards, OMNEO comprehensively supports the standards and technologies of today — including Audinate’s Dante, AES67, 2010 — while evolving with those of tomorrow. OMNEO offers a professional-grade media networking solution that provides interoperability, unique features for easier installation, better performance, and greater scalability than any other IP offering on the market.

OB Truck
OB truck example


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"People kept commenting on how crystal clear the comm system was and how well it worked." -Jim Barton, M.E. Pro Video

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OMNEO digital intercom

ODIN OMNEO digital intercom

The ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix condenses decades of experience and the latest RTS innovations into a compact single rack unit package providing an unprecedented combination of flexibility, scalability and full IP performance.

Where previous-generation digital matrix products were significantly larger and more costly to own and operate, ODIN’s feature set and form factor are designed to make a professional matrix solution more accessible, easier to use and scalable than ever before – up to eight units can be interconnected for a total of 1024 ports. It also offers the broadest interoperability with future, current and legacy RTS products; supports Dante-compatible OMNEO IP technology; and allows seamless connectivity between analog two-wire, four-wire and digital devices.

RTS system rack

"We’re already planning our next truck. And I can guarantee you that RTS ODIN will be a part of it.”

Jim Barton, ME Pro Video

Wireless intercom


Cellular DECT-based wireless intercom system

ROAMEO cellular DECT-based wireless intercom system

  • Uninterrupted, high-quality and license-free audio based on DECT standard
  • Fully integrated solution using state-of-the-art technology
  • Seamless roaming across wide areas
  • User-friendly operation

Beltpack user

"ROAMEO is the perfect upgrade for us,” he says. “It addresses our present needs without changing our RTS matrix, and it opens up new capabilities in terms of workflow and we’re ready for future expansion."

Brett Kotheimer, TMZ

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Intercom headsets

LH-300 Series

Ultra-lightweight headsets

LH-300 Series Ultra-lightweight intercom headsets

  • Day-Long Comfort
  • Durable
  • Easy to Use

Lightweight, Noise-Cancelling Headsets & Earsets

Guidelines & requirements for next-generation IP-based intercom systems

Guidelines & Requirements for Next-Generation IP-Based Intercom Systems

Intercom systems consist of a central audio router, the matrix, plus user devices connected to the matrix, such as keypanel control interfaces. In this article, we will be focusing on the matrix itself, in particular how current and future needs translate into requirements on the products themselves.

More resource guides

OMNEO Resource Guide

OMNEO resource guide

Whether you are highly experienced with digital audio networking or just making the change-over from analog, this guide attempts to explain the basic technological principles behind any OMNEO network and address usability and implementations.

VLink Resource Guide

VLink resource guide

VLink is a fully interconnected software intercom solution for RTS Digital Matrix systems.

RVON Resource Guide

RVON resource guide

RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) is a solution for establishing intercom audio over long distance.

Let's talk

Let's Talk

RTS and our certified partners are ready to help support you through planning, purchase, and setup. Services available through our network of highly-qualified associates and partners may include:

  • System design
  • Installation
  • Programming & commissioning