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Training Resources


The RTS Intercom Systems Academy offers you classroom trainings in dedicated training centers that are equipped with products and systems.

Online Trainings

The Web-based trainings offer you even more flexibility. They allow you to start and pause the training at any time, so you can continue your day in the way which is most convenient for you.

Virtual classroom

Our webinars offer you a highly concentrated learning process – fast, informative and efficient. Additionally, you have a trainer that can answer your questions and all you need is internet access and a headset!

Certification Training Program

Work more efficiently and more profitably.

Both our online trainings and classroom trainings award trainees with certification upon successful completion of the course and corresponding exam. Successful trainees may then progress to the next level of the training plan, as outlined in the infographic below.

All your completed certification can be found in downloadable/printable PDF format on the training academy website. Select the “My Profile” at the top of the screen, and then open “Show Certificates” on the left hand side of your profile page.

You invest a lot of time and effort into qualifying yourself, and we believe that your customers and partners should know about it. The more you learn, the higher the qualification you earn; all our certifications follow the steps from the professional level to the expert level, and finally to the highest level, master.

Full-Range training


This online training consists of multiple modules and aims to provide you an overview about RTS Intercom hardware and software components. A Professional Level Certificate will be available upon successful completion of this online training and exam.The modules and topics that will be covered within this training certification level are:

  • Intercom basics
  • RTS Intercom Product Portfolio
  • OMNEO Networking - Professional Level (IP Basics & OMNEO Overview)
  • RTS AZEdit Configuration Software - Basics
  • Online Exam – Professional Level
  • By successfully completing this training the student will be able to
  • Understand the basic concepts about Intercom system
  • Recognize RTS Intercom product family and its applications
  • Explain OMNEO features and advantages in the audio IP world
  • Recognize basic knowledge on IP Networks and Audio Networks
  • Demonstrate RTS AZEdit key features to setup RTS Intercom Digital Matrix Systems

There are no prerequisites for this certification level

This classroom training brings an immersive and unique opportunity to master RTS systems, including hands on experience on all hardware & software offerings for different audiences. As an optional module, this classroom training provides a Commercial Sales TrainingThe modules and topics that will be covered within this training certification level are:

  • Hands on different RTS Intercom Matrices
  • RTS Intercom Keypanels
  • IPEdit and AZEdit setup on live systems
  • ADAM and ADAM-M cards
  • Port Allocation
  • RTS Trunking
  • RTS Intercom Accessories
  • Integration with third party system
  • Commercial Sales Training:
  • RTS Intercom System differentiators
  • How to beat competition
  • RTS Intercom Innovations and opportunities
  • By successfully completing this training the student will be able to
  • Commissioning of Full Range RTS Intercom Systems
  • Show RTS Intercom system integration with third party systems
  • Understand different system sizes and complexities
  • Describe RTS Intercom system positioning in the market

Prerequisite: RTS Intercom – Introduction (Online)

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On this webpage you will find a link which says “create an account” You will then be directed to the “Self Registration” page for new users To complete the registration process please fill out all the necessary information