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Glitch-Free Communication

Glitch-Free Communication

Glitch-free is now available for the most reliable local communications. Redundancy and reliability are perhaps the most important factors when it comes to broadcast intercom. Intercoms that connect team members in different locations, and often in different countries, systems that remain stable and online in the most challenging environments and working conditions.

Glitch free operation is a fail over protection of the OMNEO connection. This means if the primary OMNEO connection fails, and glitch free is enabled, then a seamless switch to the secondary address occurs, preventing any disruption in service.

  • Glitch-free is available for OMNEO connections (Audio+Data), and ST2110 audio only
  • Currently supported license-free for all channels on ODIN and KP-Series
  • No additional ports are consumed for glitch free operation
  • Fully functional communication
  • < 100ms keypress-to-audio
  • Static IP / DHCP client / auto-IP
  • Glitch-Free info in the intercom alarms and SNMP MIBs
  • Configurable from the matrix and keypanel

*Limitations apply. Contact RTS for more information.

RTS Glitch-Free Communication

ODIN Digital Intercom

The ODIN Digital Intercom is a highly scalable intercom system in a 1RU (Rack Unit) package. As your capacity needs to evolve, a single ODIN can grow from 16 ports to a maximum of 128 ports.