RTS intercom systems
Global broadcast networks

Global broadcast networks

We are very happy to be working with their products and support, to make our coverage of the PyeongChang Games a total success.

With the complication that COVID safety brings to Olympics planning and deployment, RTS comes through with products like VLink, RVON and Trunking, giving us the freedom and comfort to work outside of that box.

John Pastore, NBC Sports

RTS is the most-trusted name in intercom for the world’s largest TV networks, an essential element of successfully broadcasting the biggest events on the planet, including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and many other international sports tournaments.

Redundancy and reliability are perhaps the most important factors when it comes to broadcast intercom. Failsafe, glitch-free comms that connect team members in different locations, and often in different countries, systems that remain stable and online in the most challenging environments and working conditions.

As the only brand to offer intelligent trunking and the robust RVON codec, RTS is the go-to for ensuring that behind the scenes people are communicating clearly so the job gets done, from OB vans and remote productions, to local stations and major networks.

Worldwide Connectivity
Providing the ultimate in intercom system scalability across multiple locations, RTS Intelligent Trunking uses proprietary protocols and algorithms and support for trunking is tightly integrated into our RTS matrices. RTS Intelligent Trunking supports up to 255 trunked systems with 10,000 trunks and greater than 200,000 ports. It supports trunked systems tied to other trunked systems and supports geographically diverse trunk masters for the ultimate in reliability. It works with ADAM, ADAM-M, and ODIN matrices and supports trunks via analog, MADI, RVON (VoIP) and OMNEO (Dante). Matrices can be controlled over serial as well as Ethernet connections.

IP solutions & standards in modern broadcast environments

KP Series Professional Intercom Keypanels for Studios

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"People kept commenting on how crystal clear the comm system was and how well it worked." -Jim Barton, ME Pro Video

ADAM Advanced Digital Audio Matrix
Digital Matrix


Advanced Digital Audio Matrix

ADAM Advanced Digital Audio Matrix

Using a Time Division Multiplex (TDM) technique, ADAMgrows linearly as users are added; the system comes standard with newly redesigned, redundant high-current power supplies. The Ethernet master controller, MCII-E,allows for automatic change over in the event of failure.With the added convenience of Ethernet connectivity between the ADAM intercom and a PC running AZedit matrix control software, it can support 32 simultaneous AZedit sessions via Ethernet and three sessions via serial.

ADAM Advanced Digital Audio Matrix

"RTS ADAM is a proven, extremely reliable system that allows us to scale up to whatever is necessary, from a five-camera basketball game to a major production like Thursday Night Football”

Paul Bonar, Game Creek Video




TM-10K Trunkmaster

  • Supports configurations from 2 to 255 intercom systems with 10,000 assignable trunk lines.
  • Includes dual AC power supplies for full redundancy in mission critical applications.
  • Supports dual 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connections for redundant or segregated network topologies.
  • Supports geographically separated Trunk Masters for disaster recovery planning.
  • Ethernet and RS-485 trunk data connections are both supported.

TM-10K Trunkmaster

"It basically allows you to create one big intercom from two distinct intercom systems, adapting it as the installation progressed. It’s also transparent to the users, which is a big benefit for the client."

Michael Joyce, BVS

KP-Series Keypanels

KP Series

OMNEO intercom keypanels

KP-Series keypanels

KP-Series keypanels deliver superior digital audio using the Bosch-developed OMNEO which includes Audinate'sDante audio over IP technology, via either copper or fiber. The KP-Series provides high-quality audio, free of noise,delay and other artifacts present in older technologies. The family includes a rich set of connectors as standard,including GPIO and RC. As with other RTS products, emphasis has been placed on backward compatibility withprevious generations of matrices including analog technology.

KP-Series Keypanels
ROAMEO Cellular DECT-Based Wireless Intercom System
Wireless Intercom


Cellular DECT-based wireless intercom system

ROAMEO Cellular DECT-based wireless intercom system

The new ROAMEO wireless intercom system from RTS is a professional, easy-to-use and future-proof solutionbased on the license-free DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard. ROAMEO provideshigh-quality audio and a large number of simultaneous users across wide areas over a seamlessly integrated digitalwireless beltpack and associated access points. ROAMEO can solve a series of communication challenges byoperating like a wireless keypanel in the field which is easy to use and easy to expand. Additionally, wirelessbeltpacks can be directly addressed as part of a wired RTS matrix intercom system.

ROAMEO Cellular DECT-Based Wireless Intercom System

"ROAMEO is the perfect upgrade for us,” he says. “It addresses our present needs without changing our RTS matrix, and it opens up new capabilities in terms of workflow and we’re ready for future expansion."

Brett Kotheimer, TMZ

Guidelines & requirements for next-generation IP-based intercom systems

Guidelines & Requirements for Next-Generation IP-Based Intercom Systems

Intercom systems consist of a central audio router, the matrix, plus user devices connected to the matrix, such as keypanel control interfaces. In this article, we will be focusing on the matrix itself, in particular how current and future needs translate into requirements on the products themselves.

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OMNEO Resource Guide

OMNEO resource guide

Whether you are highly experienced with digital audio networking or just making the change-over from analog, this guide attempts to explain the basic technological principles behind any OMNEO network and address usability and implementations.

VLink Resource Guide

VLink resource guide

VLink is a fully interconnected software intercom solution for RTS Digital Matrix systems.

RVON Resource Guide

RVON resource guide

RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) is a solution for establishing intercom audio over long distance.

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