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Major Networks

Global Broadcast Networks

"We are very happy to be working with their products and support, to make our coverage of the PyeongChang Games a total success." -John Pastore, NBC Sports

RTS is the most-trusted name in intercom for the world’s largest TV networks, an essential element of successfully broadcasting the biggest events on the planet, including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and many, many other international sports tournaments.

OB Trucks

OB Trucks

"ODIN is perfect for this application because it takes so little space and runs cool with full redundancy." -Jim Barton, ME Pro Video

Space and weight limitations mean that every piece of equipment needs to earn its place onboard an outside broadcast vehicle. ADAM and ADAM-M matrix systems are trusted by broadcasters around the world for their superior reliability and seamless scalability (via technologies such as RTS Trunking and OMNEO), providing a robust mobile hub for comms between multiple locations.

Small Television Stations

Small Television Stations

"We needed a good, solid wireless system for our floor crew, and ROAMEO certainly is that" -Brett Kotheimer, TMZ

Smaller stations need cost-effective solutions, and RTS has the broadest range of options to suit your needs and your budget. RTS combines efficient use of power and space with uncompromising performance, condensing sophisticated technology into compact and lightweight form factors such as the 1RU ODIN digital matrix, ROAMEO wireless digital beltpacks and our range of IP-ready KP series keypanels.


Live Performance & Events

"Wearing a headset for 12 or 13 hours a day is tiring. It has to be intelligible and pleasant to listen to, and that’s what carried us into the world of ROAMEO." -Jeremy Dunn, Royal Shakespeare Company

For theatre communications the key word is interoperability. Your trusty wired intercom systems need to work alongside your latest IP wireless beltpacks, to connect users who are seated in the control room with those on the move backstage.

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Let's Talk

Let's Talk

RTS and our certified partners are ready to help support you through planning, purchase, and setup. Services available through our network of highly-qualified associates and partners may include:

  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Programming & Commissioning

About Bosch Communications Systems

Each of our brands stands out as a market leader in its own right, each with its own unique heritage, identity, and expertise. Many of our products can work together as part of integrated solutions that combine, for example, sound reinforcement and life safety products, configured and controlled via our breakthrough OMNEO IP technology.

We cover all aspects of pro audio between our various brands and their broad range of products, so we can precisely meet the specifications of any given project, large or small. Add our brands' core technological competencies to the global R&D resources of Bosch, and you can be assured that for any application and every budget, we have the best‑in‑class solution for you.

Wherever we are in the world, we connect more meaningfully by communicating clearly.

Whether through words or music; whether for business or for pleasure; whether for entertainment, information, or security; our quality of life is in many ways directly linked to the sound quality we rely upon to get our messages across.

Dynacord & Electro‑Voice are part of the Bosch Communications Systems family of brands, offering the world's most complete portfolio of professional audio and communications solutions.