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Live Performance & Events

Live Performance & Events

For theatre communications the key word is interoperability. Your trusty wired intercom systems need to work alongside your latest IP wireless beltpacks, to connect users who are seated in the control room with those on the move backstage.

What should theater managers look for in their intercom system?

Our Dante- and AES67-enabled systems integrate with stage management solutions from a wide range of manufacturers, making it easy to bring together the various intercom technologies you have in-house, so you can communicate seamlessly and stay focused on the show, whatever your job.

Professional audio and communications solutions for performance spaces - webinar
Professional audio and communications solutions for performance spaces - webinar
Figure 1
Figure 1. Intercom setup at a European theater

At the heart is a ODIN, a 1RU matrix with 32 ports and support for two-wire analog partyline. Six keypanels are attached in this system: KP-Series keypanels are used for Stage Manager, Lights Engineer, Audio Engineer, Director, and Mechanics Operator. The ticket booth has a WKP-1, a ruggedized single-button keypanel that fits in a very compact form factor. A wireless partyline system, the BTR-800, is used for the Tech Crew. The system has two channels. The light and spotlight operators have wired beltpacks. BP-4000 is a single-channel beltpack and the BP-5000 is a dual-channel beltpack. The power for the partyline is provided by a PS-20.

For audio announcements to the Public, Technician Crew, and Actors’ room, this theater uses speakers from Electro-Voice, the EVID, which is powered by a Dynacord C2800FDi. For Stage announcements the ZLX12P is used. It has a built-in amplifier so it connects directly to the matrix. For action microphones, Electro-Voice PL37 is used. The signal goes through a microphone preamp before it goes into two of the matrix.

Finally, a separate GPIO-16 general purpose input/output device is used for a couple of customized functions. First, relay outputs from the GPIO-16 control the Silence transparents (lamps). Second, there is a custom wall box in the Actors’ room. It has a set of backlit push buttons which can be used both to send indications, as well as allow actors to provide an acknowledgment (for example get ready to go on stage). The GPIO-16 communicates with the matrix through an RS-485 serial data connection. The keypanels are programmed to allow Director or Stage Manager to send signals to the Actors’ room by actuating keys on their panel.

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"People kept commenting on how crystal clear the comm system was and how well it worked." -Jim Barton, ME Pro Video

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Digital Matrix


OMNEO Digital Intercom

ODIN OMNEO Digital Intercom

  • Scalable – Easily expand system as needed by adding licenses or more ODIN units: start with 16 ports,extend up to 128 ports, or connect eight units seamlessly for a 1024-port matrix.No competing product has this level of scalability.
  • Versatile – Supports Dante-compatible OMNEO IP technology*, four-wire and two-wire forthe broadest connectivity to other components, all with the highest-quality audio. User-friendly – High-resolution icon-based front-panel color user interface for intuitiveoperation and immediate configuration directly from the unit.
  • Efficient – Requires less power, less space and less cooling for lower environmental impact and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Flexible – Reallocate ports to any hardware type with no adapters or special boards required– future proof for evolving systems with audio over IP technology and backward compatibility with legacy products.

RTS system rack

"Next-generation technology into the most compact package possible”

Jim Barton, ME Pro Video

KP Series Keypanels

KP Series

OMNEO Intercom Keypanel

KP Series Keypanels

KP-Series keypanels deliver superior digital audio using the Bosch-developed OMNEO which includes Audinate'sDante audio over IP technology, via either copper or fiber. The KP-Series provides high-quality audio, free of noise,delay and other artifacts present in older technologies. The family includes a rich set of connectors as standard,including GPIO and RC. As with other RTS products, emphasis has been placed on backward compatibility withprevious generations of matrices including analog technology.

KP Series Keypanels

"Two KP-4016 and a KP-5032 keypanel are installed in the stage manager desk, which can be located anywhere around the stage and retain full functionality. We could incorporate this extra functionality without the need for additional devices because the RTS equipment is so versatile."

Łukasz Kaźmierczak, Audio Plus

Wireless Intercom


Cellular DECT-Based Wireless Intercom System

ROAMEO Cellular DECT-Based Wireless Intercom System

IP-based ROAMEO wireless digital beltpacks have become a go-to for theatre production professionals thanks to their ease-of-use, low-profile form factor and super-lightweight design – not only do they deliver best-in-class sound quality, they blend in discreetly with your outfit when meeting and greeting guests on opening night.

Beltpack user

"It’s the core of our communications, bringing together the stage manager, the deputy stage manager, the wardrobe staff and all the stage technicians"

Jeremy Dunn, Royal Shakespeare Company

Digital Belt Pack
Digital Belt Pack


Four-channel/Four-button wired beltpack

Digital Belt Pack

The Digital Belt Pack (DBP) is one of RTS' initial offerings in the wired digital party line solution space. The DBP provides TALK and LISTEN capability for up to four configurable audio conferences.

Universal Beltpacks

Guidelines & Requirements for Next-Generation IP-Based Intercom Systems

Guidelines & Requirements for Next-Generation IP-Based Intercom Systems

Intercom systems consist of a central audio router, the matrix, plus user devices connected to the matrix, such as keypanel control interfaces. In this article, we will be focusing on the matrix itself, in particular how current and future needs translate into requirements on the products themselves.

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OMNEO Resource Guide

OMNEO Resource Guide

Whether you are highly experienced with digital audio networking or just making the change-over from analog, this guide attempts to explain the basic technological principles behind any OMNEO network and address usability and implementations.

VLink Resource Guide

VLink Resource Guide

VLink is a fully interconnected software intercom solution for RTS Digital Matrix systems.

RVON Resource Guide

RVON Resource Guide

RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) is a solution for establishing intercom audio over long distance.

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

RTS and our certified partners are ready to help support you through planning, purchase, and setup. Services available through our network of highly-qualified associates and partners may include:

  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Programming & Commissioning



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