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Korean Broadcasting System Goes Full-IP with OMNEO

Korean Broadcasting System Goes Full-IP with OMNEO

The national public broadcaster of South Korea, Seoul-based Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) operates one of the country’s largest television networks, along with radio and online services. KBS is the first broadcaster in the nation to upgrade its comms to full-IP functionality, using RTS professional intercom equipment with OMNEO* media networking technology.

Installer BeeX Korea, Bosch project expert Donggyu Lee and end-user Seunwan Cho worked together to realize an RTS solution that overcomes the distance limitations of analog connections between three KBS buildings – all with reduced installation costs and easy expandability for the future.

The customer was satisfied with stability and durability of their previous analog-based RTS system, and also appreciated the future-proof/backwards compatibility aspect of next-generation, IP-ready RTS equipment, especially in terms of extending the investment value of their legacy RTS keypanels by bringing them into the IP realm. Add the high level of hands-on support provided by RTS and parent company Bosch, and RTS was by far the brand of choice.

The new RTS equipment at KBS includes an OMNEO-equipped ADAM-M digital audio matrix (48x48 frame) and a lineup of the latest-generation RTS analog/IP keypanels: three RTS KP-5032, three KP-4016 and six KP-3016. In addition, nine OEI-2 (OMNEO External Interface) devices provide an interface between KBS’s legacy/analog RTS keypanels and the RTS OMI OMNEO interface cards onboard the ADAM-M. All studio internal/external audio is now exchanged via OMNEO, offering unparalleled audio quality and system scalability – all with significantly reduced cabling, which reduces costs and complexity, and allows the user to expand the system more easily as needs require.

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