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Let's Talk SMPTE ST 2110

Let's Talk SMPTE ST 2110

Efficient, standardized IP media transport


RTS is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional intercom solutions, with over 40 years’ experience in the market. From systems used for smaller in-house productions to the Advanced Digital Audio Matrix (ADAM) systems used to coordinate major network broadcasts of the world’s largest events, RTS is dedicated to innovating the future of global communications.

OMNEO System Diagram

OMNEO IP Technology

OMNEO is an architectural approach to connecting devices that need to exchange information such as audio content or device control. Built upon multiple technologies, including IP and open public standards, OMNEO supports the technologies of today – such as Audinate’s Dante – while adopting the standards of tomorrow. OMNEO offers a professional-grade media networking solution that provides interoperability, unique features for easier installation, better performance and greater scalability than any other IP offering on the market.

RVON Network Rack

RVON (RTS Voice Over Network)

RVON is a solution for establishing communications over long distance and across different subnets. One of four user-selectable voice encoders– codecs – is used to compress digital audio to a low bitrate suitable for transmission over internet. The high compression audio codec is intended for long-distance satellite transmissions, whereas the low compression codec is commonly used when higher bandwidth is available. With RVON, a matrix can communicate with another RVON-enabled matrix or keypanel anywhere in the world.

Trunking Network Diagram


Trunking allows networked matrices to be tied together seamlessly. A central node, the Trunkmaster, finds the best possible path for each audio connection, from the originating matrix to its destination, and possibly traversing another matrix on the way. This increases the network availability and allows for more efficient use of transmission resources. The largest trunked network in the world – a major US broadcaster – has been using RTS Trunking for two decades. A trunked network can be expanded virtually without limits: Trunking can grow up to 225,000 ports and is supported by all RTS matrices.

Intercom user in a broadcast control room

AIO Audio

An analog Input Output (AIO) card establishes bidirectional links to send and receive analog audio between a digital matrix and keypanels or generic analog devices. Each audio connection uses a twisted pair of wires, and the electrical signal is electronically balanced. This allows analog audio to be sent over long distance without noise or other audio artifacts. AIO is supported by all RTS keypanels, including legacy panels. AIO can use an RJ12 or an RJ45 connector.

Legacy keypanel

Keypanel Legacy Support

Keypanels often represent a big investment in an intercom system. Our legacy keypanels work on our new matrix products, this remains the guiding principle for our product development. AIO is the enabling audio and control signal format.

Hand operating a rackmount keypanel

Keypanel Ergonomics & Features

A wired intercom system allows communication by using keypanels. Keypanels comprise a front microphone, a loudspeaker, and either lever keys or buttons for talk/listen control. RTS has developed and sold keypanels for more than 40 years – and we learned what ergonomics mean for professional intercom users. The latest generation of keypanels, the KP-Series, has set a new industry standard for design and usability. KP-Series comes with more features and selectable options than any other keypanel on the market.

Person operating a wireless beltpack

Wireless Intercom

The VHF and UHF frequencies are used for full duplex wireless partyline communications. Two digital standards, WiFi and DECT, are also available. The DECT-based system ROAMEO connects to the matrix using the Bosch OMNEO technology, which is the same technology used in the OMNEO Matrix Interface “OMI’ and the new ODIN digital matrix system . RTS also has a long tradition of industry-standard solutions for high-quality audio using analog technology. Each system has two channels. The base station has two AIO connectors which are used to communicate to the matrix. Current products include the BTR-800, BTR-80N, and BTR-700.

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